Fred Evan’s was  recovering from a double lung transplant when doctors discovered metastatic melanoma. Because of the medications he was taking to keep his body from rejecting his new lugs, Fred is unable to endure much chemotherapy to treat the cancer. Upon this discovery, Fred was given just months to live.


Fred has four children, three daughters, Martha, Gracie and Kate and one son named Daniel. Two of the daughters, Gracie and Kate are not married. As a daddy, Fred wants to make sure he got the opportunity to walk his other two daughters down the aisle and give them away. Their oldest daughter  Martha helped her mom and dad plan a special ceremony to do just that. They told the girls Fred had something special planned for their mom, and gave them each a different time to arrive at the chapel inside Watermark. When the girls arrived, their dad greeted them wearing a tuxedo.


After Fred walked Gracie and Kate down the aisle, Fred announced he had one more bride. Karla was so confused at first but she was totally surprised when Fred told her he wanted to renew their vows that day.


Fred Evans received his wings on July, 25 2013.





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